Presenter Information

Presenting Authors

If you are scheduled to give a presentation, please ensure your PowerPoint is uploaded in advance during the break preceding your presentation time or the start of the day.

To upload your presentation, please take it to your presentation room on a USB memory stick. A member of the organising team will be available to assist you if required.


As a courtesy to our presenters, please ensure you arrive at each session venue prior to the start of presentations.


Please respect fellow presenters and ensure your presentation does not exceed the given time allocation.

Rooms and AV

Every room features standard audio-visual equipment including white screens, whiteboards, data projector, Windows lecture computers and lectern microphone.

If you have videos or animations in your presentation, please ensure you have embedded the files in your presentation and copied and transferred the video file together with your PowerPoint presentation. Your video may not function otherwise. WMV or AVI file types are recommended.

Apple Mac Users – please ensure your presentation is capable of running on Windows. Alternatively, you may want to use your Mac laptop to run your presentation. If so, please bring the appropriate adapters for transferring Mac visual data to a Windows PC. These are not provided. We recommend using the laptops and equipment provided.

Cameras and electronic recording

No electronic recording of presentations is permitted in any form without the express permission of conference organisers and speakers.

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